Plant identification API

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The base price is 5 eurocents per request.
There are significant discounts for higher volumes of identifications. Tell us what you need on


Depends on the quality of provided photo(s). The average is around 90%.
Check out our demo to test us.

API Reference overview

This machine learning based plant identification API is documented on; there are three important endpoints:

Check the documentation on Github for all of the endpoints.
Result of the identification is a list of entries showing likely plant taxons (species or genus). Each record contains the following:
  • scientific name of the plant in Latin
  • probability – certainty level of the identification
  • representative images of the suggested taxon (check Adaptive representative image in FAQ)
  • common name – depends on the specified language, not always present
  • url – link to a webpage with detailed information, usually Wikipedia
Example code in Python and Java

Naive implementation is available on Github. All requests require an access key, you are welcome to ask for a trial.

API for (human) expert based plant identification

We also offer (a different) API for identifications made by human experts. Basically, the FlowerChecker’s backend can be accessed with the API. The identification takes up to 24 hours and the price is 0.6 USD per request. If you are interested, drop us an email on