Plant identification API

Pricing and access

Price is different for each use-case (it depends on the amount of identification and the requested performace), but the base price is 5 eurocents per request. We’d recommend you to start with a free trial.

You can request your access key here for a free trial account (we’ll get back to you in a few hours).

API Reference overview

The API is documented on; and there are three endpoints

Example code in Python

Naive implementation is available on Github.

All requests require an access key (referred as key in the docs), check pricing section above to get it.

API for (human) expert based identification

We offer also (different) API for identifications made by human experts. Basically this is the access to FlowerChecker’s backend. The identification takes up to 24 hours and the price is 0.6 USD per request. If you are interested, ping us on