Benefits of paid account

  • Faster identification
  • Both performance and technical guarantees defined in our SLA
  • Technical support by email
  • Automatic upgrades to upcoming cutting-edge ML models
  • Monthly statistics available at the admin panel
  • License for using our representative photos via similar photos feature

Plant Identification and Health Assessment Pricing table

tierpurchased volumeprice per credit
Afrom 1.000 credits€0.05    (order from €50)
Bfrom 10.000 credits€0.03    (order from €300)
Cfrom 50.000 credits€0.02    (order from €1.000)
Dfrom 200.000 credits€0.015 (order from €3.000)
Efrom 800.000 credits€0.012  (order from €9.600)
Ffrom 1.500.000 credits€0.01    (order from €15.000)
The validity of purchased credits is 3 months.

Payment process

  1. Use your admin password to sign-in to the admin panel.
  2. In the billing section, fill out the form with your business info for the invoice.
  3. After we check the billing info (which may take one or two days), we will activate the billing feature for your account and let you know you can create orders.
  4. Once your billing account is activated you can skip steps 2 and 3 for the next payments.
  5. In the billing section, fill in the number of requested identifications. The system generates an order with payment instructions for you. We support payments with credit cards or wire transfers.
  6. After we receive the payment, the ordered amount of identification credits is automatically added to your account and an invoice will be generated for you
  7. You can check your balance anytime via an admin panel or a dedicated API call


This Pricing and payment process above is referred to in the Terms and conditions as Prepaid mode. For long-term clients, we can also offer a Retroactive mode, which is invoiced on a monthly basis. Both performance and technical guarantees defined in our SLA