Identify insects and other invertebrates with our insect identification API.

With you will be able to recognize terrestrial invertebrates including:

  • Butterflies and moths
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes and multipedes
  • Ants, bees and wasps
  • Beetles and weevils
  • Termites
  • Dragonflies
  • and more
Idnetified European stag beetle with probability 74%

Model specification

6 387 classes

The results are on the level of species, genus, family, and/or order based on the picture quality and taxa popularity. Covered species include the most common types of invertebrates such as butterflies, spiders, ants, dragonflies, etc.

48% accuracy

The TOP1 accuracy of the beta version model is 48%.

Identify the most abundant group of species on Earth!

90% of all lifeforms on Earth is represented by insects. 10 million species of insects are estimated to inhabit the Earth, with only 1 million species described. These are creatures of nightmares, stories, and legends – equally stunning, important for the envirenment and threating. Discover the world of insect and other invertebrates with our API.


The base price is €0.05 per request. There are significant discounts for higher volumes of identifications. Tell us what you need on

We provide prepaid and retroactive models. You can pay with a card, wire transfer, or PayPal.

All the identification data packed into JSON

Send us photos of the insect in a POST REST API request and you will get multipleinsectt species suggestions in the JSON formatted response. Apart from the scientific name of the species, you can also get common names, taxonomy, and much more information about possible species.

"suggestions": [
        "id": "gbif:5743122",
        "name": "Lucanus cervus",
        "probability": 0.9926146,
        "similar_images": [
                "id": "cabf0ecbe5443c1624b0f7632d495221",
                "url": "",
                "license_name": "CC BY 4.0",
                "license_url": "",
                "citation": "Rui Macário Ribeiro",
                "similarity": 0.651,
                "url_small": ""
                "id": "437b8cb287a4f738a2ca651cfa304d39",
                "url": "",
                "similarity": 0.624,
                "url_small": ""
        "details": {
            "common_names": [
                "European Stag Beetle"
            "taxonomy": {
                "phylum": "Arthropoda",
                "class": "Insecta",
                "order": "Coleoptera",
                "family": "Lucanidae",
                "genus": "Lucanus"
            "url": "",
            "gbif_id": "5743122",
            "inaturalist_id": "61749",
            "rank": "species",
            "language": "en"

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