About us

Our mission is to bring nature closer to the people through technology. 

We started as a group of three friends, PhD. students with botany and IT background. In 2014 we founded FlowerChecker company. For four years we have been working with almost 50 botany and horticulture experts (check the full FlowerChecker app story) and by that we gathered training data for our machine learning system for automatic plant identification – Plant.id. Now our team grows and so does the number of successful solutions we delivered.

With Plant.id showcase and FlowerChecker mobile app we already helped hundreds of thousands of people to identify more than a million plants.

In Plant.id, we make use of this experience and bring smart solutions to businesses and organisations. We work with a wide variety of companies from different fields like smart gardening, nature conservation or agriculture.

We’d love to help botanists field work more efficient, make the lawn mowers smarter, and enable invasive or endangered species monitoring in wide scale… With all the innovation and creativity in the world, new possibilities are discovered every day. What is your idea? Let’s discuss it and make it work together: 📧  business@plant.id

FLowerChecker coufounders: Ondřej Veselý, Ondřej Vild and Jiří Řihák

Co-founders of FlowerChecker s.r.o., the company where Plant.id is being developed

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Our team

Ondřej Veselý

Cofounder, ideamaker, CEO

Jiří Řihák

Cofounder, author of our machine learning, researcher, developer

Ondřej Vild

Cofounder, botanical lead, researcher

Jonáš Holcner

Full-stack developer (not designer though)

jp profil (1) (1)

Jan Přikryl

Business developer, marketing expert

Zuzana Beranová

Data analyst, business developer, tech support

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FlowerChecker s.r.o.

Purkyňova 649/127

612 00 Brno

Czech republic


General info and press: info@plant.id

Business questions: business@plant.id

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