Our mission is to bring nature closer to the people through technology.

We started as a group of three friends, Ph.D. students with botany and IT background. In 2014, we founded the FlowerChecker company. For five years, we have been working with almost 50 botany and horticulture experts (check the full FlowerChecker app story). We have been not only helping people to identify plants, but we were also gathering training data for our machine learning system for automatic plant identification – Plant.id. Our team grows, and so does the number of successful solutions we delivered.

Experience and smart solutions

We’d love to help ecologists to do their fieldwork more effectively, facilitate wide-scale monitoring of invasive and endangered species, help to apply herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer more effectively, or make lawnmowers smarter. With all the innovation and creativity in the world, new possibilities are discovered every day.

FlowerChecker coufounders: Ondřej Veselý, Ondřej Vild and Jiří Řihák
Co-founders of FlowerChecker s.r.o. where Plant.id is being developed

Team of professionals

Ondřej Veselý
cofounder, CEO, ideamaker


Jiří Řihák, PhD.
cofounder, CTO, CFO, ML author


Ondřej Vild, PhD.
cofounder, botanical lead


Tereza Juráková


+ 20 international botany and phytosanitary experts