Plant.id API: machine learning plant identification service

Make your business bloom with plant and plant disease identification powered by machine learning. Integrate Plant.id API into your service or ask us for a custom solution.

Best plant identification API on the market*

12 000+

identifiable plant species


identification TOP3 accuracy

2 seconds

max. length of identification

* Hamlyn G Jones, What plant is that? Tests of automated image recognition apps for plant identification on plants from the British flora, AoB PLANTS, Volume 12, Issue 6, December 2020, plaa052, https://doi.org/10.1093/aobpla/plaa052

Who is Plant.id for?

We use cutting edge methods of machine learning and train customized peed convolutional neural networks to ensure the best possible results.

Agriculture and gardening

  • Controlled environment
  • Smart gardening
  • Precise agriculture

Houseplant mobile apps

Environment protection

  • Invasive species monitoring
  • Tree inventory
  • Biodiversity mapping

Integrate plant identification API into your mobile application

Send us photos of the plant and we will send you multiple plant species suggestions with a probability. Apart from the scientific name of the species, you can also get common names, similar images, taxonomy, and much more information.

Our services

Plant.id Health Assessment
Identify plant diseases
Plant.id API
REST API for plant identification
Plant.id Sensor
Data for precise agriculture

Happy clients of plant identification API

We are using Plant.id to help our users identify their plants in our iOS app, and it’s been a great service both for us but especially for our users – who are amazed. The accuracy and reliability of Plant.id is awesome and the help and support you get from the team is amazing.

CEO, Strömming AB

Plant.id is a good and simple API for plant detection. The documentation supported me during the whole process of programming and provided a simple script in different programming-languages. In this way I had a very fast start working with Plant.id. The support-team is very helpful and kind. Plant.id is very interested in supporting educational projects

Fabio, student

Although a human expert always has the final word in FlowerChecker, suggestions by Plant.id speeds up the identification process and makes it more accurate. Plant.id is especially valuable for alerting botanists about potential confusion with a similar-looking plant.

Leading botanist, FlowerChecker