Health Assessment Health Assessment

Identify pests, plant pathogens, nutrient deficiencies, and more with our plant diseases identification API. Health Assessment uses machine learning to identify plant health problems from photos.

With Health Assessment you can recognize:

  • 35 classes of diseases caused by fungi and chromists
  • 18 classes of abiotic disorders
  • 17 classes of pests
  • 5 classes of viruses
  • 5 classes of bacterial diseases

Model specification

90 classes

Spider mites, powdery mildew or overwatering? The Plant diseases identification API can identify the most common causes of health problems ranging from abiotic factors to bacterial infections.

60.5% accuracy

The TOP3 accuracy of the model for 90 classes is 60.5%. The precision of the binary is_healthy classification is 77.2% and the recall is 77.5%.

Similar images

Get adaptive representative photos of suggested plant species. Photos are dynamically selected from our database to resemble the submitted photo. We provide you with a license to use these images in your application.

Complex health information Health Assessment provides information about the overall health of the plant (is_healthy binary classification), diagnosis of a specific problem (disease classification), and information about the disease (common names, description, URL, and more).

Treatment instructions

Get information about treatment methods for each recognized disease. We provide you with information on biological, chemical, and prevention methods.

Get a list of diseases and other data in JSON

Send us photos of the plant in a POST REST API request and you will get infomation on whether the plant is healthy or sick, and multiple disease suggestions in the JSON formatted response. In addition to the disease name, you can also get additional disease details:

  • cause
  • common names
  • classification
  • description
  • language
  • local name
  • treatment
  • URL

Check the sample codes on GitHub.

      "name":"Water excess and/or uneven watering",
      "disease_details": {
        "description":"Water excess ....",
            "Maintain ...",
            "Select ...",
            "Temporarily move ..."
            "Improve ...",
            "Avoid ...",
            "Grow less ..."
      "name":"Root rot",
        "description":"Root rot ...",
            "Replant the ...",
            "In the ...",
            "If the ...",
            "If necessary..."
            "Improve ...",
            "Avoid ...",
            "Improve ...",


The base price is €0.05 per request. Significant discounts are available for higher volumes of identifications. Tell us what you need at

You can choose a prepaid or retroactive model. The payment options are card, wire transfer, or PayPal.

See our FAQ section for more details.

Future plans

We are continually feeding the Plant diseases identification model with fresh photos annotated by our phytosanitary experts. We are planning the following improvements:

  • Accuracy improvements: by adding new photos and retraining the model, we are constantly improving the results.
  • Symptom recognition and location: we will add the option to identify the specific location of various symptoms of health issues.
  • Disease seriousness estimation