Use Demo as an app

The primary purpose of is to provide a plant species and diseases identification API. To make it accessible to non-programmers, we created a web demo, which you can try at website. But did you know demo website was created as a progressive web app? This means you can easily install and use it on your mobile device. Here is a tutorial on installing to your phone so you can use it as a regular mobile application.

Click "Install app" in the browser


  1. Use the Chrome browser to access the website
  2. Tap the three dots icon .
  3. Select the option “Install app.”
  4. Confirm the installation.
  5. Now you should find the app among your apps.
  6. (You can add the app to your home screen afterward.)


  1. Go to Safari and access the website
  2. Tap the share button and scroll down to view the whole menu.
  3. Select the option “Add to home screen.”
  4. Confirm the installation with the “Add” button.
  5. Now you should see the app on your home screen. Demo provides everyone with free plant identification and disease identification. Since it is a demo, you can perform five identifications per week. It is not possible to upgrade this limit. If you are looking for expert plant identification, try our mobile application FlowerChecker.