10 tips to get better results from Plant.id API

Here are some tips which will help you get the best possible results from Plant.id API. Follow them and improve the identification accuracy and the overall experience with the API.

  1. Include the GPS location to your identification request. It can improve the accuracy by ~3%.
  2. Take a sharp, well-lit photo.
  3. Come closer to the plant. Fill in the photo with the plant.
  4. Include only one species per request.
  5. Send multiple photos of the same plant in one request. Use photos of different parts of the plant (whole plant, leaf detail, flower, bark, etc.).
  6. Do not send too large (max. 1Mpx) or too small (not less than 800px on the longer side) photos.
  7. Wait until the plant grow up. Many seedlings look the same, wait until the plant has more than germ leaf.
  8. Do not take a photo of your screen. You can upload the photo directly from your computer with a better quality.
  9. Use similar images feature for better comparison of the result.
  10. Get to know your plant better. We provide many plant details about the suggested species. Do not forget to include parameters to get this information.