machine learning plant identification solutions

Our main product: API

Our API allows your developers to integrate the plant identification functionality into your product or service. Check out our product page.

With the demo, you see how accurate our machine learning model is. Best on the market.

Feel free to send us a message if you need more info about the product or pricing. Some of the questions are already answered on FAQ page. If you are looking for more in-depth product news, check our blogtechnical documentation or API product page.

Upcoming products Sky

We can analyze photos from flying unmanned aerial vehicles and provide a detailed heatmap of the plant species within given the area.

Product features

  • great results on low-res photos
  • output in CSV, JSON, GeoJSON
  • we can add custom crops or weeds

Check product page for Sky details. Sensor

Hardware device with a camera for weed detection from a moving vehicle. Unlike IR sensors, our system can detect different plant species and set up the right herbicide dosage.

Basic info

  • Application: Precision Spraying
  • Business model: annual licence

Check product page for Sensor details.

How can we help you?

Smart Garden

  • Gardening mobile apps (see references below)
  • Computer vision for garden technology

Environment research

  • Sample evidence support
  • Passportization
  • Monitoring of invasive species

Our clients

We are using to help our users identify their plants in our iOS app, and it’s been a great service both for us but especially for our users - who are amazed. The accuracy and reliability of is awesome and the help and support you get from the team is amazing.
CEO, Strömming AB

Although a human expert always has the final word in FlowerChecker, suggestions by speeds up the identification process and makes it more accurate. is especially valuable for alerting botanists about potential confusion with a similar-looking plant.
Leading botanist, FlowerChecker

We've partnered with to incorporate plant identification into the Vera app. Simply take a photo and let Vera identify the plant in your photo within seconds.