machine learning plant identification solutions

How does it work?

  • 10,997 Identifiable plant species
  • near 90% success rate
  • indetification in 2 seconds
  • unlimited scalability
  • easy integration

How can we help you?

Smart Garden

  • Gardening mobile apps
  • Computer vision for garden technology

Environment research

  • Sample evidence support
  • Passportization
  • Monitoring

Agriculture applications

  • Precise fertilization
  • Weed detection

Our clients

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We are using to help our users identify their plants in our iOS app, and it’s been a great service both for us but especially for our users - who are amazed. The accuracy and reliability of is awesome and the help and support you get from the team is amazing.
CEO, Strömming AB


FlowerChecker mobile app

Although a human experts has always the final word in FlowerChecker, suggestions by speeds up the identification process and makes it more accurate. is especially valuable for alerting botanists about a potential confusion with a similar-looking plant.
Leading botanist, FlowerChecker