Mushroom ID

Mushroom ID

Identify mushrooms with our machine learning powered mushroom identification API. Mushroom ID is the ideal solution for businesses looking to accurately identify mushrooms in bulk with high accuracy and reliability.

With Mushroom ID you will get:

  • 2800 classes of mushrooms
  • 500 classes of lichens
  • 60 classes of slime-molds
  • representative images
  • information about edibility, toxicity, etc.
  • characteristics of the fungi
  • list of frequently confused fungi

Model specification

2,900 classess

With Mushroom ID you can identify 2,900 classes of fungi including 500 classes of lichens (taxonomically part of the kingdom Fungi). Our service can also identify 60 classes of slime molds (phylum Mycetozoa).

74% accuracy

The TOP1 accuracy of the beta version model is 55% TOP3 accuracy is 74% when compared to species level. Further, the TOP1 accuracy is 60% when compared to genus level.

Coming soon

We are currently working on the beta version of Mushroom ID. It is expected to be released in March 2023.

Are you interested in this service? Write to us at and get early access and more information.

Implement Mushroom ID and spread the knowledge with us!

Mushrooms are unique and fascinating life forms that come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. Mushrooms are a source of endless fascination, inspiration and sometimes even fear for many people in different situations:

  • Mushroom hunters: knowing which mushrooms are edible and which are poisonous is crucial for foragers and chefs.
  • Personal interest: some people are simply curious about the interesting mushroom they have found in their garden, park or forest.
  • Medicinal properties: some mushrooms are used in traditional and alternative medicine for their health benefits.
  • Tree care: mushrooms can cause damage to trees and correct identification can help to treat them. Check also Health Assessment or
  • Wood-destroying mushrooms cause damage to people’s property.

All the identification data packed into JSON

Send us photos of mushrooms in a POST REST API request and you will get several species suggestions in the JSON formatted response. As well as the scientific name of the species, our mushroom identification API will provide you with common names, taxonomy, and much more information about the species.

"suggestions": [
        "id": "gbif:7925734",
        "name": "Lactarius deterrimus",
        "probability": 0.8738495,
        "similar_images": [
                "id": "cab...",
                "url": "https://mushroom-id.a....jpeg",
                "license_name": "CC0",
                "license_url": "",
                 "similarity": 0.821,
                "url_small": "https://mushroom-id.a...small.jpeg"
        "details": {
            "common_names": [
                "orange milkcap"
            "taxonomy": {
                "kingdom": "Fungi",
                "class": "Agaricomycetes",
                "order": "Russulales",
                "family": "Russulaceae",
                "genus": "Lactarius"
            "url": "",
            "gbif_id": "7925734",
            "rank": "species",
            "language": "en"

Future plans with mushroom identification API

In March 2023, we will release a beta version of Mushroom ID, but our work will continue. Changes planned for 2023 include:

  • improving the model for even greater accuracy
  • ading more mushroom species
  • adding new content (such as seasonality and distribution)
  • content coverage improvements.