Locate and identify different plant species in the field

We will use our machine learning algorithm to identify and locate weeds and crops on your aerial images taken by your drone (UAV). This data can be used to generate a map for the sprayer application, resulting in precise pesticide application. Our innovative approach can significantly reduce the amount of pesticides used, which can lead to cost savings and contribute towards a healthier and richer environment.

  • Save up to 60% of pesticides

How it works

Take a photo with a drone

The size of the whole field is a few hectares. The resolution of the photo is around 1 cm per pixel.

Plant identification

Our machine-learning algorithm identifies weeds in the field and marks areas where weeds occur.

Identification results

We return areas in the CSV, JSON, GeoJSON, or other formats.

Save money by using less pesticides

  • Reduce the amount of residual pesticide residue in the crop.
  • Minimize the amount of pesticides released into the environment.
  • Reduce groundwater contamination.
  • Increase biodiversity in your area.
Weed localization
Detect the weed occurrence for patch spraying. Save up to 60% of herbicide.
Weed identification
Recognize the weed species to select a suitable herbicide. Identification precision is 90%.
Bare ground detection
Detect the bare ground patches for precise fertilization.
Crop counting
Count the number of crops (or other objects) on the field and estimate the yield.